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Arsenal have been in negotiations

Le 16 November 2017, 06:59 dans Humeurs 0

Arsenal have been in negotiations with Ozil, Sanchez hard, but the winter window approaching, gunmen keep the seemingly impossible task of ?zil. At this time, the Premiership Ryan - Wilkins to fan the flames: "Ozil is not great, he is not worth Arsenal No. 10 jersey. Yesterday, England's head coach Southgate just announced the addition of Solanke into the list against Brazil Tom Kostopoulos Jersey, the 20-year-old teenager is also likely to staged the debut of the adult national team, so Chelsea respect him Of the training costs also have more weight on the issue Lukas Bengtsson Jersey, they always adhere to the negotiations with Liverpool 10 million pounds. Solanke from Chelsea Youth Training, but he never got a chance to leave Chelsea this summer to Liverpool Jordy Bellerive Jersey. In July at the U20 World Cup, he led England to win the championship, but also won the Golden Globe, which also made Chelsea never accept the offer of million in Liverpool training fee proposed Sam Miletic Jersey. Solanke joined Liverpool did get a certain chance of playing, the Red Army played 10 times this season.

The first thing to say is that Wilkins

Le 16 November 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

The first thing to say is that Wilkins's background: Prior to being dismissed by Abu in 2010, Wilkins worked for Chelsea as a player and coach for 37 years and was the right-hand man of Jose Mourinho and Ancelotti. Esoteric madman must respect Wilkins one-third Daniel Sprong Jersey, Ann handsome is in the rate of the Blues won the 2009-10 season Premiership title Derrick Pouliot Jersey, said: "Without Wilkins we can not get anything. Since Solanke's transfer is a free transfer after the contract expires, Liverpool need not pay the transfer fee. However, since the age of 10 Solanke entered the Chelsea Youth Camp Zach Aston-Reese Jersey, due to be less than 24 years old at the time of transfer, so Chelsea have the right to ask Liverpool Youth Training Compensation, but now the two sides offer 7 million pounds gap. This summer as Matic's substitute, Bakakoyko joined Chelsea after the new club played 15 games, and has scored 2 goals. And Canter was the first player to have won the Premier League with two different teams in the past two seasons and was named PFA best last season Patric Hornqvist Jersey.

2 little things better reflect the position

Le 16 November 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

2 little things better reflect the position of Wilkins in the Premiership Ryan Haggerty Jersey, when Arsenal legend Ian - Wright and Chelsea players on the battlefield dispute, Wilkins stepped forward shouted: "Ian, you Out of bounds! "Wright gave up immediately. After Wilkins was fired, Terry, Lampard and other locker room "ball and bully" is a collective disease, the Blues winning streak at the beginning of the season all the way down, which is regarded as the Blues locker room for Will Guinz delivered a silent protest to Abu Frederik Tiffels Jersey. Klein played for Liverpool last season Tom Kostopoulos Jersey, 41 games, including 37 Premier League sent two assists, four league appearances. However, during the warm-up match in July this year Jay McClement Jersey, Klein was injured and has not returned yet. Earlier, Klein was also not signed up for Liverpool to participate in the Champions League group stage, Liverpool coach Klopp at the time said Klein may not be able to comeback in 2017. BBC and other British media revealed that as Klein received back surgery, but also need to miss 3 months time, that is to be back in February next year. Klein's long-term absence not only for Liverpool tremendous impact, but also may affect his short-listed England to participate in the Russian World Cup list.

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